Frequently asked questions

  1. Am I able to sign up for more than one event?
    Of course you can. It is easy to do. If you follow the shopping cart links you will see you have an option to keep shopping after checking one item.
  2. If I have special dietary or health concerns how do I address those prior to the events?
    We will be happy to work with you on an individual basis regarding any needs you may have. You can either email us with your requests or you can call us at 1-262-827-1901. We look forward to making sure that all your needs are met and that your experience with us is extrordinary.
  3. Do you have a mailing list I can join?
    We NEVER share our mailing lists. Your information is safe with us and we will gladly share our information with you. Our events can fill up fast, so you will want to get a jump on the registration process. You can join our mailing list by contacting us at the bottom of the page.
  4. Are there alternative pricing options to overnight retreats if we live in the area of the retreat?
    There are options to pricing if you are not staying overnight at the event. Keep in mind however that you will be able to better experience the retreat with your peers if you are able to stay with them and experience the retreat in it's whole.
  5. I would like to send an associate to one of your events. Do you sell gift certificates?
    Yes. These are new this year. But you can purchase gift certificates in $50.00 dollar increments. These can be used either towards a one day event or an overnight event.
  6. How do I know if an event is the right fit for me?
    You can always contact us for more information, but we are certain that all of the events will offer something for everyone. Our topics are chosen to be universally helpful and not specific to certain groups, unless we market it to a specific group.
  7. Do I have to participate in all 3 days of the retreat?
    Everyone who registers for the event is expected to participate for the entire event. This is important not only to preserve the "vibe" of the event, but also to keep the momentum going. However, it should be noted that the last day of the events are often a bit "looser" to account for those who need to travel further or who need to meet family needs.
  8. Can I pay at the door?
    You can pay for the day events at the door, however, you cannot pay at the door for the overnight events. Organizers need to order the food and supplies in advance to meet the needs of the event. If you live in an area where online payment is extremely difficult please reach out to the organizers to arrange payment. They can be reached via email.
Do you still have questions? Please send us a note. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you!