Write Your Own Story

We are so anxious to get into the action of a new book, we give little credit to the seldom remembered preface, thank you, table of contents and opening chapters.  We often skip or skim them even.  Not realizing the valuable foundation they create.
We are so anxious to get into living today, completing our tasks and relying on the adrenaline rush of activity, we often forget where we came from.  All the while forgetting/losing 'me' in 'this,' and ignoring 'me' in the future.  Gifting yourself with a few days of reflection and looking within, you have an opportunity to see your life as it is today, appreciate where you came from, and envision what it can be.
Our values dictate our behavior.  Our behavior defines our living.  Our living creates our life.  Our life writes our legacy.  Take this opportunity to value your story and continue to........Write Your Story!!
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